What have I done so far

Projects / What I helped developed so far

Souki - Asset Manager

A collection of B2B apps that enables car dealers and merchants to connect to customers to track insurance and vehicle servicing records, car for sale listing and many more. It is initially targeting the Australian market.

The application is written in Ruby using Ruby on Rails and is split into multiple services like the main RESTful API, portal, market, analytics and messaging apps. The backend service uses Amazon S3 for secure cloud storage, Amazon SQS for queues mainly used for asynchronous processing, Amazon KMS for securing encryption keys and is secured within a secure network via Amazon VPC.

The RESTful APIs also powers our own mobile apps for iOS and Android. We are using AngularJS for majority of the front-end applications.

Flow - Project Management System

Project management system to improve project workflow for companies where we initially targets telco companies.

The application tracks project tasks and milestones and also project timeline for project completion. It also has email notifications for assigned tasks and has chat feature for collaboration.

It is developed in PHP using CodeIgniter framework and MySQL data store. Frontend is partially written in AngularJS with legacy jQuery in most components. We developed a RESTful API where the AngularJS frontend consumes.

Auto Parts Warehouse - eCommerce website

eCommerce website that sells auto replacement parts and accessories in the US which also offers deliveries to nearby countries.

Develops new features for the website in collaboration with a large team of backend developers, testers and product managers to better serve the customers and to put a competitive advantage on the market

Application is developed in PHP with Zend Framework with various backend systems like MySQL, Endeca Search and internal REST services.

TECHTUIT - Barcode labeling and inventory tracking

This barcode labeling and inventory tracking system is built in Zend Framework and MySQL for Techtuit Philippines. The application keeps track of SD card chips and MP3 player items from several production stages. Using PECL"s print extensions, the application is able to print barcode labels to SATO barcode printers for each operator terminals.

It also exports shipment data into an Excel file using PEAR"s Spreadsheet Writer package.

Rajatours - Administration panel

I develop the administration panel for the Rajahtours online reservation system. The panel has a custom built Content Management System written in Zend Framework that allows the administrators to edit contents, prices, upload pictures, accept or deny reservation and the like.

Daito - Retail Management

A retail management system for a Japan based company - Daito. Most of the application parts includes items, prices and shipping information. It also included reports printing for sales and delivery.

Uses Zend Framework and MS SQL Server 2005. I am part of the team who develops the system.

Manken - Comic Manager

Online Manga store. It is a conversion of the existing system written in ASP MSSQL and is converted to PHP MySQL. It is a small application that tracks comic book reservation.

Others not listed

Others not listed are either personal projects or maintenance projects only or projects that has NDA (non-disclosure agreement). For personal projects, I usually write them on my blog.

Need help for a project?

I am currently available for either short-term or long-term projects. If you need help with your project, or you have an idea of a project, I can help make it happen! Drop me a message.