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About me / Who am I

I'm Leonel Baer, a 36 year-old web developer from the Philippines. I am currently employed as a Ruby on Rails developer working on a startup to develop B2B apps for car dealers and merchants initially targeting the Australian market.

I usually do back-end works for RESTful APIs and sometimes do front-end integrations.

For most of my projects, I often used the Ruby and MySQL as server side technologies and develop the system using Ruby on Rails framework. I also used the Angular framework for the front-end integration.

In the past, I developed apps using PHP and MySQL with Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and jQuery JavaScript framework.

Although I never have a heart for design, I am fluent in CSS and can create pages and designs according the given specifications be it copied from a template or from scratch. Of course, real designers can do better.

Want to get started?

I am currently available for either short-term or long-term projects. If you need help with your project or you have an idea of a project, I can help make it happen! Drop me a message.